Once upon a time…

A collective of highly experienced and skilled practitioners sat down and had a conversation.

They discussed their creative endeavours, a shared passion for visual communications, a desire to help make their community sing (but not literally) but above all they discussed a simple proposition:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

That Aristotle chap he knew a thing or two about brand communications…

And so Storyland came to be.

We love telling stories

Stories are memorable, stories surprise, stories are compelling.

At Storyland, we thrive on crafting engaging client stories.

How do we know which stories to tell?

We work with our clients to shine a light on the real story — that special something that resonates within.

Illuminating opportunities, developing a clear direction, delivering powerful content & reaching new audiences.

Who’s listening?

Understanding who your story is for is equally important — different people like different stories.

The Storyland team are great at identifying the right stories to tell.

We’ve told many stories for many clients far & wide, including;

Close to Home

Dja Dja Wurrung
CASA Central Victoria
Bendigo Gastronomy
Bendigo Community Health Service
Castlemaine Health
Castlemaine State Festival
Mount Alexander Shire


Swinburne University
Monash University
Foundation L’Oreal Ansell
Gannawarra Shire
Open University
Ampersand International
Cancer Council Victoria
Pure Body Luxe

Far far away…

Harper Collins
Tommy Hilfiger
Ben Sherman

Storyland are a full service creative consultancy living in Castlemaine, the heart of the Victorian Goldfields.

We tell stories. What’s yours?

Say hello to the storymakers

Lisa Mills

Digital Content Producer

Lisa Mills is a digital content producer with over 25 years experience, working with a diverse range of clients, including television companies, agencies and cultural organisations. Lisa is passionate about education, designing and leading workshops for youth and aspiring professionals. Her skill set includes writing, directing, recording and editing for video promos, podcasts and live visuals for events, as well as project managing, interviewing and script supervising on productions. Lisa is the owner of Shebang Media, showcasing female creatives in the region.

Miles Bennett

Producer & film director

Miles has over 20 years of experience in the video production industry. His work spans television, commercials, screen based installations, print, web and events. He has work collected by ACMI (the Australian Centre of the Moving Image) and has worked with ABC, SBS, Warner Brothers, Active TV, Umbrella Entertainment, The British Council to name a few. Miles is the owner of Ideas Agency

Gavin Krasner

Brand, design & marketing

Gavin is a branding specialist with over 25 years of experience across many industry sectors, working with global fashion brands and record labels to blue chip insurers and interior designers. A seasoned graphic designer, Gavin thrives on brand creation and application. His skill set includes; brand workshops, name generation, visual identity, brand guidelines, marketing campaigns & collateral, UX design & more. Gavin is the owner of Chops For Tea.

Aaron Barnes

Motion graphics & 3D animation

Aaron Barnes specialises in digital creative across a wide variety of media; using a broad skill set he brings together web techonlogies, 3D design, 2D design, motion and user interface flow to create an overall engaged digital experience. He is the owner of Digital Funnel.

Hugh Campbell

Web development

Hugh has been working with digital media for over 20 years, first with CD-ROM and touch screen exhibits, and now web technology. He has a broad knowledge of the web & cloud based technologies, which he brings to bear on any technical challenge he is called upon to solve. Hugh is the owner of Highbow Interactive.

Damon Girbon

Digital producer

Damon has been working with video since studying Media at RMIT 25+ years ago. He’s worked on many Australian and international film and television productions around Australia and overseas, helping to get video and digital film working on all types of screens and surfaces. He has worked for Sony Pictures, Warner Bros Studios, Disney Pictures, ACMI, City of Sydney & all the free to air channels. As well as feature film work he’s worked on over 200 commercials doing on set editing and coordinating screen graphics. Damon is the owner of We Made This.

Owen Gregory

Animation & interactive design

Owen is an animator and interactive designer who has worked locally and internationally for advertising agencies and video game companies. His skill set includes; illustration, motion graphics, WordPress website design & building, 3D sculpting, 3D printing and more.

Owen has created work for many clients, including Disney and Nickelodeon. Owen is the owner of Ogres Den.

Briega Young

Production Assistant

Briega is a Creative Arts Industries graduate from Victoria University, specialising in Performance Studies and Creative Writing, and has worked in stage and screen, durational theatre, live art and performance for over 10 years. She has worked on the ABC's ‘Distrupted’ series, several Punctum Live Arts productions, performance events at Artlands and the Castlemaine State Festival, and many other productions with local theatre companies and film makers.

Briega joins the team as a production and office assistant, bringing her voice over, acting, interviewing and casting skills to Storyland productions.