Architectural visualisation for a new suburb

Gunangara is a large subdivision close to Castlemaine. Storyland was approached to develop the Gunangara brand and marketing collateral including complete visualisation of the Diamond Valley site.
Using advanced photogrammetry techniques and software, a full-scale site map was created, complete with engineering data to showcase the whole site with roads and houses.
We then produced a promotional video showcasing the development.
Diamond Valley Estate
  • Script Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Previz Animation
  • Final Animation Composite
  • Sound Effects and Voice-Over Production


A 40 acre site — drone scanned to form a model

The animation needed to be powerful and evoking so a combination of 3D software techniques and 2D illustration techniques were combined to deliver the final organic hand drawn story animation.

The techniques involved the use of advanced game engine software combined with hand drawn image plates and photographs to ensure details were visually correct and the landscapes had depth and movement. To do this traditionally by hand would be a huge feat of time and man power so we used technology to speed up the production process.