A journey through time – animating Victoria’s turbulant forest mismanagement…

The animation above was developed for Trust for Nature who is a government organisation that helps lock up private land to rehabilitate back into natural ecosystems.
The story needed to showcase the beauty of Victoria’s past old growth forests and beautiful animals that once thrived in them. The animation then travels through a linear timeline to show the destruction that occurred as a result of European settlement. The storyline then needed to show how Trust for Nature are assisting in trying to heal the now scarred landscape we now see all around us.
Trust For Nature
— Victoria
  • Sscript Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Previz Animation
  • Final Animation Composite
  • Sound Effects and Voice Over Production


The sweet spot for technology and art

The animation needed to be powerful and evoking so a combination of 3D software techniques and 2D illustration techniques were combined to deliver the final organic hand drawn story animation.

The techniques involved the use of advanced game engine software combined with hand drawn image plates and photographs to ensure details were visually correct and the landscapes had depth and movement. To do this traditionally by hand would be a huge feat of time and man power so we used technology to speed up the production process.

A story for all generations

The target audience for the  residwas very broad ranging from children through to elderly. This is because a lot of the private land being held is generational farming land. So the grandparents have the decision making power, however the granchildren may have the influence to instigate that change, so the animation had to appeal to both which is why the timeline and hand drawn approach was chosen.